Why St. Paul’s Episcopal Church?

As an Episcopal church, we seek to provide both a variety and a balance of the best in evangelical Anglican worship.

The current congregation of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church includes approximately 95 baptized members, with an average Sunday attendance of about 50 people. With people coming from many different communities in the region, we have a true cross-section of the local community. As an Episcopal church, we seek to provide both a variety and a balance of the best in evangelical Anglican worship. Our early service offers a consistent form of traditional worship. With no music and a smaller congregation, this is a more quiet and contemplative service. The family service offers more variety and includes a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs. In each service, the reading and preaching of God’s Word are key elements, along with the liturgy. We extend an enthusiastic invitation to all visitors, regardless of your faith background. Nursery facilities are available for parents with young children.


To work together as followers of Jesus, carrying the Word of God to our community, helping the lost come to faith in Jesus so all may see His transforming work in their lives.



We value Jesus as our Savior and Lord, therefore He is the center of our life as a parish.


We value prayer, therefore we are committed to bringing one another’s concerns before the Lord.


We value worship, therefore we gather together to glorify God in song, praise, and participation in the sacraments within the Anglican tradition.


We value outreach to those in need, therefore we share our time, talent and financial resources with them.


We value the Bible as God’s revealed Word, therefore we study and apply it as a guide for Christian living.


We value faithful stewardship, therefore parishioners give gratefully from what God has provided them and leadership manages those resources prudently.


We value strong Christian relationships, therefore we strive to grow together in Christ in our church fellowship and outside social settings.


We value hospitality, therefore we welcome new relationships in the community to join and share in our love for Jesus.