Christian Education

St. Paul’s Oaks has a rich tradition in teaching Biblically-based, Christian principles. We offer education programs for ages 1-100 years old. Explore the below opportunities for both adults and youth in the parish.

St. Paul’s Adult Education

Offered each Sunday

Wednesday Morning Bible Study (9:30am in Vestry Room)

  • Focused on various books of the Bible (currently, The Gospel of John)

Offered seasonally

Sunday Morning Adult Class (10:45am)

  • Seasonal classes held on various topics

Adult New Members Class

  • Held occasionally (once/year) for new parishioners

St. Paul’s Youth Education

Offered each Sunday

Sunday School (10:45am)

  • Uses prepared curriculum adapted for our context
  • classes determined by numbers and ages of youth

Offered seasonally

Confirmation Class

  • Confirmation class will be held as necessary